When to carry out tree pruning

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Tree removal is a dangerous activity that should only be done by experts.  Luckily if you are in a residential zone, Tree Lopping experts will help you have the job done in the most  appropriate and risk free manner. Getting the best tree maintenance service who have the best qualifications and licensed to do the job can be a plus.

Among the services offered by Tree Lopping Bankstown specialists include; tree removal, yard cleaning, stump grinding, rubbish removal, tree trimming, branch removal and many others. Luckily if you want these services, you may request a free quotation from any of the Bankstown tree removal companies who are specialists in tree surgery services.

The reason why tree removal is necessary is that it is the only method to use to prepare land for construction and for agricultural activities.

Trees play an integral part of biodiversity, and are part of the environment. They provide the habitat for food, protection, shelter to animals and birds and insects as well. The trees must be pruned and trimmed by competent tree removal experts. If they are to be used for nesting by the birds, they must be trimmed in a particular way. Tree works need to follow regulations and management protocols. If you remove the trees without following the correct procedure you may be have to pay a penalty of up to $100,000.

If your neighbor has planted trees inappropriately and they are inconveniencing you, it is illegal to hire a tree services company and instruct them to remove the trees. The only sensible thing you can do is to talk to your neighbor and explain the incontinence and the damage caused by the trees.

If the trees do not require a council’s permission to prune, you may talk to the neighbor to have the trees removed by experts.

However, if the trees are protected, obtaining an order or a permit that allows the trees to be pruned may be mandatory.  Ideally, every council has forms to use to when you want to make an application to be allowed to prune your trees.  You must however ensure that you get appropriate forms to allow you to explain what you want to do and the process of doing it.  If there is a fee to be paid, you may consult your neighbor and agree who should meet the cost of having the trees pruned.

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